Best of 21: Most Exceptional Smart Wearables for Health and Fitness

Smart wearables have revolutionized health and fitness tracking, letting users monitor their activity, sleep, heart rate, and more with advanced sensor technology. In 2023, new smart wearables are pushing boundaries with innovative features to help users live healthier, more connected lives. The latest gadgets are sleeker, packed with more sensors, have better battery life, and utilize AI to provide personalized insights and feedback. Smartwatches now measure blood oxygen, take ECGs, and can even detect falls and car crashes. Fitness trackers monitor exercises like weight lifting in granular detail.

Rings, earbuds, and headbands offer 24/7 health tracking in discreet form factors. With more powerful sensors and battery technology, 2023’s wearables provide deeper health insights while lasting longer between charges. Companies are leveraging AI and big data to offer users customized health recommendations based on biometrics and activity patterns. This new generation of smart wearables seamlessly blends innovative technology with practical utility to enhance overall wellness. The top devices opening up new possibilities in preventive healthcare, fitness, and quality of life improvement.


Sleek and Powerful Smartwatches for All-Day Health Monitoring

– Smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 8, Fitbit Sense 2, and Samsung Galaxy Watch5 provide continuous health monitoring in a stylish form factor. Key features include:

– Sleek, lightweight designs with full-color displays and customizable watch faces for a fashionable look
– Powerful sensors to track steps, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG, sleep, and more
– All-day stress and activity tracking, even for workouts like swimming and hiking
– Notifications for texts, calls, and apps to stay connected on the go
– Built-in GPS for pacing runs and rides without a phone
– Mobile wallet for contactless payments from the wrist
– Thousands of apps to download for enhanced functionality


Advanced Fitness Trackers to Optimize Your Workouts

– Dedicated fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 5, Garmin Vivosmart 5, and Amazfit Band 5 provide more workout-specific tracking:

– Built-in GPS to accurately map runs and rides without a phone
– Pulse ox sensors to gauge workout intensity and recovery
– Detailed sleep tracking with sleep score breakdown
– Women’s health tracking features including period and fertility tracking
– Gym workout profiles for strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates, and more
– Active zone minutes to optimize time in fat burn, cardio, or peak heart rate zones
– Vibration alerts for notifications and goal celebrations
– Smartwatch-like conveniences like contactless payments and music controls


Discreet Rings and Jewelry With 24/7 Health Tracking

– Rings like the Oura Ring Gen 3 and Circular Ring, and jewelry like the Ear Wearables Vivi Necklace provide subtle 24/7 health tracking:

– Compact, stylish designs that are comfortable for all-day wear
– Continuous heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and temperature tracking
– In-depth sleep monitoring and analysis of REM, deep sleep, and overall restfulness
– Period and fertility insights through temperature changes
– Guided meditations and breathing exercises through vibrations
– Goal setting and habit tracking via companion mobile app
– Smart ring form factors also enable contactless payments
– Provide a comprehensive picture of health and wellness patterns


Earbuds and Headphones with Integrated Fitness Tracking

– Wearables like the Amazon Halo View earbuds, Bose Sport Earbuds, and Jabra Elite 7 Active combine audio with fitness tracking:

– Heart rate monitoring directly from the ear for all-day tracking
– Accelerometers and gyroscopes to automatically detect and track workouts
– Weatherproof designs for wearing during exercise in any condition
– EQ technology to enhance sound quality and bass response
– Active noise cancellation on premium models to isolate audio
– Touch controls and voice assistants for convenient commands
– Integrations with fitness apps to view health metrics after workouts
– Some provide blood oxygen monitoring for sleep and altitude acclimation insights
– Deliver great sound quality while tracking health metrics


Next-Gen Sensors and AI for Personalized Health Insights

– Cutting-edge sensors and artificial intelligence allow smart wearables to provide tailored health insights:

– Advanced sensor arrays with multiple LEDs for accurate biometrics tracking from the wrist or finger
– Machine learning algorithms to process sensor data and identify health patterns and anomalies
– Oxygen saturation metrics during sleep to assess for sleep apnea
– Irregular heart rhythm notifications powered by AI algorithms
– Custom insights based on the user’s age, medical history, and biometrics
– Health report generation with trends, goals, and actionable advice
– Women’s health features powered by temperature tracking and cycle data
– Integration with electronic health records for holistic care
– Radar-based technology for non-contact gesture and sleep tracking
– Next-gen sensors and AI drive the future of predictive, preventive healthcare


Extended Battery Life for Longer Use Between Charges

– Longer battery life allows smart wearables to stay powered for days between charges:

– Low-power displays and efficient companion chipsets enable up to 7-10 days of battery life, sometimes longer
– Built-in USB ports on bands for easy charging from battery packs while on-the-go
– Fast charging capabilities to juice up from 0 to 100% charge within 60-90 minutes
– Ultra-low-power modes to conserve battery when not actively tracking
– Custom power management options to extend battery for multi-day events
– Solar charging rings and hybrid smartwatches that harvest energy from the sun
– Wireless charging on stands and multi-device pads for ease of topping up
– Caution indicators when the battery is low to ensure tracking isn’t disrupted
– Extended battery allows uninterrupted 24/7 health monitoring with smart wearables


Granular Metrics to Track Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility

– Detailed workout tracking provides comprehensive data for all types of exercise:

– Weight and sets tracked for strength training with rep counting
– Customizable multi-sport modes for activities like tennis, golf, yoga, hiking, and more
– Heart rate zones and VO2 Max for gauging cardio workout intensity
– Training load and recovery time recommendations after tough sessions
– Range of motion and flexibility tracking through multi-axis accelerometers
– Underwater heart rate monitoring for swimming and water sports
– Trail run and open water swim modes with GPS for outdoor workouts
– Accessory sensors like chest straps for additional running dynamics
– Detailed metrics empower users to optimize form, improve performance, avoid injury


Handy Touchscreens and Voice Control for Easy Use

– Convenient controls allow users to easily operate smart wearables:

– Full touchscreen displays for intuitive menu navigation and data review
– Built-in mic and speaker for quick voice commands on the go
– Customizable watch face shortcuts and widgets for information at a glance
– Music and virtual assistant control with apps like Spotify and Google Assistant
– Tap functionality and haptic feedback for eyes-free interactions
– Gesture controls like wrist raise to wake and hand waves to navigate
– Onscreen keyboards or scribes for text input and quick replies
– Hands-free experience for calls, texts, reminders, and more
– Easy controls ensure smart wearables integrate seamlessly into daily life


Mobile Apps to Visualize Trends and Set Goals

– Companion apps extend smart wearable functionality:

– Continuous syncing to store health data from a wearable in the cloud
– Intuitive apps to review activities, sleep, heart rate, and more
– Charts and graphs to identify trends and patterns over time
– Customizable dashboards to focus on metrics that matter most
– Goal setting and milestone tracking for motivation
– Social features to share progress with friends and compete on leaderboards
– Additional apps and watch faces to personalize the experience
– Alerts for sedentary time, bedtime, hydration, and more
– Coaching plans and guided programs for running, sleep, stress, etc.
– Seamless experience between wearable and app


Stylish Designs for Work, Play, and More

– Smart wearables now come in fashionable designs:

– Slim, lightweight profiles in colors like rose gold, mint, and navy
– Premium materials like stainless steel and ceramic for an elegant look
– Interchangeable bands in leather, silicone, nylon, and metal
– Custom engravings and decorative watch faces
– Thinner device bodies and compact form factors
– Jewelry-inspired designs like cuff bracelets or pendant trackers
– Swimproof and waterproof up to 50 meters for wearing in any occasion
– Accessorize with straps, screen protectors, and cases
– Partnerships with fashion labels for branded editions
– A fashionable smart wearable can complement work, casual, or athletic looks


Women’s Health Features Like Pregnancy Tracking

– Smart wearables cater to women’s health needs:

– Menstrual cycle tracking with period and fertile window predictions
– Symptom logging like cramping, headaches, and mood changes
– Obstetrician-reviewed pregnancy tracking with trimester-specific insights
– Heart rate data to optimize exercise during pregnancy
– Guided breathing and meditations for labor preparation
– Postpartum recovery tracking for activity, sleep, and feeding
– Pelvic floor exercise guidance with discreet kegel reminders
– Education on reproductive health and family planning
– Anonymous sharing of data to research women’s health patterns
– The ability to monitor physiological changes provides women with valuable self-care insights


Premium Materials Like Titanium and Sapphire Crystal

– High-end smart wearables utilize premium, durable materials:

– Aerospace-grade titanium for a lightweight, hypoallergenic build
– Sapphire crystal high-strength glass to prevent scratches on displays
– Stainless steel casing and bands resist corrosion and stand up to everyday wear
– Ceramic construction offers a smooth finish that’s 5x harder than stainless steel
– Diamond-like carbon coating creates a slick, scratch-proof finish
– Anodized metal treatments add shine and color without the risk of tarnishing
– Premium leather and hand-stitched bands age elegantly over time
– Plated metals like 18K gold, rose gold, and platinum for a luxury aesthetic
– Premium materials symbolize high performance while meeting discerning tastes

Built-in GPS to Map Outdoor Activities

– Built-in GPS provides tracking without a smartphone:

– Untethered pace, distance, route, and elevation data for runs, rides, and hikes
– Real-time mapping of trails with turn-by-turn directions
– Offline playlists and payments while outdoors sans phone
– Race prep tools like a virtual pacer, back-to-start routing, and grade-adjusted pace targets
– Integration with third-party apps like Strava, MapMyRun, and more
– Color-coded heart rate zones overlay on route maps for intensity visualization
– Location sharing for outdoor activities with family and friends
– Incident detection to trigger alerts in remote locations
– GPS empowers users to explore while ensuring safety and security


Heart Health Monitoring With ECG and Blood Oxygen Sensors

– Advanced sensors provide clinical-grade heart health data:

– Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors for continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring, including trends during sleep
– Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors to check for signs of atrial fibrillation and irregular rhythms
– Multisport heart rate tracking, even underwater
– Heart rate variability measurement for stress and recovery insights
– High and low heart rate alerts to detect potential issues
– Blood oxygen levels to assist with altitude acclimation
– Skin temperature sensors as an indicator of cardiovascular status
– Fall detection and medical ID for emergency preparedness
– Data integration with electronic health records and clinicians
– Powerful heart health tracking promotes preventive cardiac care


Advanced Sleep Tracking With REM Detection

– Smart wearables provide comprehensive sleep analysis:

– Accelerometer-based sleep staging with light, deep, REM cycle breakdown
– Overnight blood oxygen trends and breathing disturbances
– Restless leg alerts using AI models
– Silent vibrating alarms to wake users at optimal times
– Heart rate dip insights during REM cycles
– Sleep score each morning based on time slept, restfulness
– Environmental tracking of temperature, ambient noise, light levels
– Pre-bedtime reminders for sleep routine establishment
– Sleep trends, benchmarks relative to demographic cohorts
– Insights powered by validated sleep science
– Robust sleep tracking uncovers areas for better rest.


Smart Wearables
Smart Wearables

Best of 21: Most Exceptional Smart Wearables for Health and Fitness

– Smart wearables have revolutionized health and fitness tracking with advanced sensors and seamless user experiences. Here are 21 of the most exceptional devices for personalized biometrics monitoring and activity tracking:

  1. Apple Watch Ultra – Rugged titanium watch with long battery life for outdoor athletes
  2. Oura Ring Gen 3 – Discreet 24/7 tracking in a jewelry-like wearable
  3. Fitbit Sense 2 – Premium smartwatch with stress and ECG sensors
  4. Garmin Venu 2 Plus – GPS watch with voice assistant and animated workouts
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro – Large rugged display and advanced sleep coaching
  6. Amazon Halo View – Affordable fitness tracking earbuds with movement sensors
  7. WHOOP Strap 4.0 – Ultra-accurate heart rate monitor for optimizing strain and recovery
  8. Fitbit Charge 5 – Top fitness tracker with ECG, GPS, and AMOLED display
  9. Polar Vantage V2 – Multisport watch for hardcore athletes with a focus on running dynamics
  10. Jabra Elite 7 Active – Wireless earbuds with workout detection and heart rate sensors
  11. Mazpad – Unique touchscreen bracelet for inconspicuous tracking
  12. Earin M-2 – Tiny true wireless buds with an on-board accelerometer for fitness tracking
  13. Motiv Ring – Feature-packed smart ring with heart monitoring and sleep staging
  14. Circular Ring – Chic swim-ready smart ring with full health suite and temperature sensor
  15. Amazfit GTR 4 – Stylish GPS smartwatch with 14-day battery life for under $200
  16. Wyze Band – Incredible value fitness tracker with a 10-day battery for under $25
  17. Withings ScanWatch Horizon – Analog hybrid smartwatch with sophisticated health sensors
  18. Whoop 4.0 – Subscription-based wearable focused on optimizing recovery
  19. Atlas Wearables Apex – Rugged smart ring tuned for CrossFit and weight lifting
  20. Muse S – Brain sensing headband for meditation and stress management
  21. Bellabeat Leaf – Fashion-forward tracker jewelry designed especially for women


Guided Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

– Smart wearables integrate breathing exercises for stress relief:

– Touchscreen prompts for deep inhales/exhales with animation
– Haptic pulse or vibration for pacing the breath
– Visualizations to follow circular or wave patterns
– Tracking of heart rate variability during breathing sessions
– Integration with mindfulness and meditation apps like Calm or Headspace
– Nature visuals and sounds to promote relaxation
– Breathwork programs for energy, focus, anxiety, sleep, etc.
– Reminders for hourly breath breaks throughout the day
– Personalized recommendations based on individual stress patterns
– Metrics on respiratory rate trends over time
– Guided breathing exercises leverage smart wearables for portable stress management.


Notifications for Calls, Texts, and Calendar Events

– Smart wearables surface notifications discretely:

– Call alerts with options to accept, reject, or respond via preset replies
– Third-party app notifications from Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and more
– Quick replies by voice, scribe, or shortcuts
– Customizable vibration patterns for different contacts or apps
– Calendar alerts for upcoming events and meetings
– Email previews and ability to archive low-priority messages
– News headlines, traffic alerts, and weather updates
– Silent non-disturb modes for uninterrupted focus
– Find phone feature to locate misplaced devices
– Notifications keep users connected without constantly checking phones


Waterproof and Swimproof For Underwater Use

Smart wearables are built for water activities:

– Waterproofing up to 50 meters for swimming, surfing, water skiing
– Underwater heart rate monitoring with advanced PPG sensors
– Open water swim tracking with distance, stroke, and SWOLF score breakdown
– Pool swim tracking with lap counts, pace, stroke type detection
– Water lock modes to avoid accidental touches underwater
– Rust-resistant stainless steel or titanium builds
– Swimproof bands that won’t soak up pool chemicals
– Shower-safe for cleaning after workouts without device removal
– Safe for handwashing and use in the rain
– Robust waterproofing allows smart wearables to be reliable fitness partners.



Smart wearables have come a long way in a few short years. What started as basic step counters have evolved into sophisticated personal health assistants. The latest devices not only track activity but provide insights into overall wellness 24/7 thanks to advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence. With extended battery life and waterproofing, smart wearables seamlessly integrate into everyday life.

Stylish designs mean users can wear them anywhere — from work to workouts. Whether your goal is closing an activity ring, optimizing training, or keeping tabs on heart health, smart wearables empower users with the metrics and guidance needed to meet objectives. The rich data and actionable feedback pave the way for more mindful, healthy living.


Smart Wearables
Smart Wearables


Q: What are the top smart wearables of 2023?

A: Some of the top smart wearables this year include the Apple Watch Series 8, Fitbit Sense 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Oura Ring Gen 3, and Garmin Venu 2 Plus.

Q: What features do smart wearables have?

A: Key features include activity and sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS, advanced workout tracking, blood oxygen sensors, ECG sensors, reminders and notifications, wireless connectivity, touch displays, and integration with mobile apps.

Q: Are smart wearables worth buying?

A: For many consumers, smart wearables provide valuable health insights and convenience that can inspire positive lifestyle changes – making them well worth the investment for motivated individuals.

Q: How accurate are health metrics from smart wearables?

A: While not as precise as medical devices, today’s smart wearables use advanced sensor technology like PPG and ECG that make health metrics generally quite accurate for most consumers.

Q: How long does the battery last on a smart wearable?

A: Depending on the model, smart wearables typically last anywhere from 1-2 days to over a week per charge. Some new models offer battery life exceeding 10 days.


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