Microsoft Aptos blockchain | The Best 11 Reasons Why Microsoft Aptos is the Blockchain to Watch

The Microsoft Aptos blockchain has the crypto world buzzing. As one of the most ambitious and potentially transformative blockchain projects to date, Microsoft Aptos aims to accelerate innovation in Web3, DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, and AI.

With Aptos, Microsoft is hoping to create the ‘Android of blockchains’ – an open, permissionless ecosystem that can challenge the dominance of Ethereum. Backed by a tech giant with deep resources, Microsoft Aptos could emerge as the blockchain that finally brings crypto to the mainstream. So what makes Aptos different? And does it really have what it takes to realize the full potential of blockchain?


A Blockchain Built for Speed, Scale, and Low Cost

– The Microsoft Aptos blockchain is designed from the ground up to achieve speed, scalability, and low transaction costs.
– It utilizes a new consensus protocol called HotStuff which enables a high transaction throughput of up to 170,000 transactions per second.
– The modular design and parallel execution engine allow the network to scale horizontally as demand increases.
– Transaction fees are a fraction of a cent, making micropayments and DeFi applications affordable on Aptos.
– Built for the real-world demands of global finance, e-commerce, and web applications.


Designed for Real-World Adoption and Mainstream Use

– Microsoft Aptos focuses on usability, developer experience, and integration with existing systems.
– It supports Solidity smart contracts and tooling ported from Ethereum.
– The Move language is designed to be easy and safe for developers.
– Aptos incorporates identity and credential management for regulatory compliance.
– Nodes can be managed through cloud services like Azure to lower the barrier to entry.
– Goal is to make blockchain development as easy as web development.
– Onboarding consumers and businesses requires an intuitive user experience.


The ‘Move’ Programming Language Enables Advanced Capabilities

– Move is a new safe and secure programming language custom-built for the Aptos blockchain.
– It provides advanced features not found in Solidity like strong typing, generics, and object-oriented programming.
– Enables writing complex smart contracts that can power real-world business use cases.
– Move contract bytecode gets deployed directly on the blockchain. No need for virtual machines.
– The language and runtime are designed to prevent bugs and ensure formal verifiability.
– This enables building mission-critical financial applications.
– Move also facilitates compatibility with existing systems through resource types.


Microsoft Brings Massive Resources to Accelerate Development

– With Microsoft behind it, Aptos enjoys access to world-class engineering talent.
– Microsoft has committed dedicated teams to work on building and enhancing Aptos.
– They bring decades of experience in building scalable enterprise software and cloud infrastructure.
– Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure will provide infrastructure support to the Aptos network.
– Enterprises can leverage Azure’s global cloud footprint for running Aptos nodes.
– Microsoft’s vast developer network and resources can educate and support new Aptos builders.
– Experience launching massively popular platforms like Windows and .NET is invaluable.


Aptos Aims to be the ‘Android of Crypto’

– Like Android democratized smartphones, Aptos strives to bring crypto mainstream.
– An open ecosystem optimized for adoption by developers and consumers globally.
– Integration with existing tools, languages, and frameworks lowers the barrier to entry.
– Permissionless innovation on top of Aptos as the platform. Build anything without asking anybody.
– Microsoft will provide robust tools, documentation, and samples to accelerate development.
– A decentralized governance model like Android AOSP avoids centralized control.
– The success will come from the vibrant ecosystem built on top of the Aptos foundation.


Interoperability With Ethereum in the Roadmap

– Seamless interoperability with Ethereum is a key goal for the Aptos blockchain.
– This would create a bridge between the two networks, merging their liquidity and activity.
– Dapps on either could leverage the strengths of the other network.
– Assets like NFTs and tokens could move freely between Ethereum and Aptos.
– It provides an easy on-ramp for Ethereum projects to expand to Aptos for faster and cheaper transactions.
– Smart contracts could call back and forth across the two chains.
– Both the community and Microsoft teams are exploring the best interoperability strategy.
– Productive collaboration between the two ecosystems will maximize benefits.


Equipping Developers to Build Innovative Web3 Applications

– Microsoft Aptos provides powerful tooling optimized for rapidly building Web3 apps.
– Mocha JS SDK provides everything needed for frontend and backend development.
– Common APIs for account management, wallet connectivity, NFTs, tokens, etc.
– Fork popular Ethereum dapps and run them on Aptos for a faster and cheaper experience.
– Port Solidity smart contracts to Move language with available code converters.
– Testnet available for experimenting without real money. Mainnet launch expected in 2023.
– Extensive documentation with tutorials, samples, and walkthroughs to accelerate learning.
– Opportunity to build innovative DeFi, NFTs, and identity solutions on enterprise-grade blockchain.
– Grants and investments offered for promising projects. Apply to Microsoft Launchpad.


Enabling AI to Leverage the Wisdom of Blockchain Crowds

– Aptos will research AI models that utilize the trusted data on the blockchain.
– Tap into the wisdom of crowd insights from the blockchain transaction history.
– User reputation scores, ratings, endorsements, and recommendations are captured immutably.
– Build more robust models by combining crowd knowledge with AI algorithms.
– Self-sovereign decentralized identifier (DID) system enables trusted data sharing.
– Maintain privacy while benefiting from collective intelligence data to train AI.
– Blockchain’s transparency and audibility provide reliable ground truth for models.
– Shared data resources on-chain for the whole ecosystem’s benefit without central control.
– Trusted data built collaboratively is key for avoiding bias in AI.


A Green and Sustainable Blockchain of the Future

– Microsoft Aptos utilizes a Proof-of-Stake consensus that is highly energy efficient.
– The HotStuff protocol was designed for safety, liveness, and environmental sustainability.
– Transaction validation is secured through staked tokens rather than computationally intensive Proof-of-Work.
– Node hardware requirements are minimal, further reducing environmental footprint.
– Features like parallel execution engine, and sharding reduce redundant computation.
– Microsoft committed to using 100% renewable energy for all cloud data centers supporting Aptos.
– Builds on Microsoft experience running global data center infrastructure efficiently at scale.
– Environmentally friendly design principles aligned with blockchain’s community ethos.
– Aptos has the potential to accelerate global progress on sustainability.


When Will Aptos Go Live and How to Get Involved

– Aptos is currently on track for mainnet launch in 2023 after thorough testing.
– Community testnet already live for developers to build and experiment.
– Sign up on for testnet tokens and faucet access.
– Review documentation and try out sample projects to get started building.
– Stack Exchange community to ask questions and engage in discussion.
– Apply for grants and participate in hackathons/bounties. Great way to accelerate learning.
– Join the Aptos Discord server to connect with other ecosystem participants.
– Follow Aptos social media channels for the latest updates and announcements.
– Contribute to Aptos GitHub – file issues, submit PRs, review code.
– Help shape the future of Aptos by sharing feedback on forums and surveys.


Microsoft Aptos blockchain
Microsoft Aptos blockchain

The Best 11 Reasons Why Microsoft Aptos is the Blockchain to Watch

– Built from the ground up for speed, scalability, and low cost needed for mass adoption.
– Move language and tooling dramatically improves developer experience.
– Leverages Microsoft’s vast engineering resources and cloud infrastructure.
– Interoperability with Ethereum provides an easy on-ramp for developers.
– Future upgrade to support AI that utilizes decentralized data.
– Modular architecture enables horizontal scaling as demand grows.
– Designed for regulatory compliance needed for real-world usage.
– Will integrate with existing systems and provide an intuitive consumer experience.
– Vibrant open ecosystem that welcomes permissionless innovation.
– Commitment to creating an environmentally sustainable blockchain.
– Potential to become the ‘Android’ of crypto and make blockchain mainstream.



With its revolutionary technology, welcoming ecosystem, and the might of Microsoft behind it, Aptos grabs attention as a blockchain that could actually deliver on crypto’s world-changing potential. It captures our attention with the promise of speed, scale, and low costs unavailable today.

Improving developer experience sparks our Interest to build innovative applications. The Desire comes from the possibility of an open and decentralized platform that puts no limits on imagination.

Finally, propelled by Microsoft resources, Aptos seems destined for Action as a next-generation blockchain mainstay powering Web 3.0. The cryptocurrency industry landscape may look very different in a few years with Aptos playing a leading role.


Microsoft Aptos blockchain
Microsoft Aptos blockchain


Q: What is the Microsoft Aptos blockchain?

A: Aptos is a new open and decentralized layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to enable apps that scale for mass adoption. Microsoft is a founding member and contributor to the Aptos network.

Q: How is Aptos different from other blockchains like Ethereum?

A: Aptos is focused on speed, scalability, developer experience, and mainstream usability. It uses a new Move programming language and innovative consensus protocol.

Q: When will the Aptos mainnet launch?

A: The Aptos mainnet is expected to launch in 2023 after thorough testing. The community testnet is already live for development.

Q: Can I build on Aptos using existing developer tools?

A: Yes, Aptos supports development using Solidity and web3 tooling ported from Ethereum. This provides an easy on-ramp.

Q: Where can I learn more about developing on Microsoft Aptos?

A: Check out for documentation, tutorials, and resources to start building on Aptos.


Golden Quotes:

“The future of finance, applications, and the internet need a blockchain built differently.” – Aptos


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