The 7 Biggest Changes Apple Has Planned for the iPhone 15 | Best features explained

The upcoming release of the iPhone 15 is set to bring some of the most exciting new features and upgrades we’ve seen on an iPhone in years. With rumors swirling about the potential improvements coming to the iPhone 15, Apple fans are eagerly anticipating its launch later this year.

At the top of everyone’s wishlist is a major redesign featuring an all-new titanium frame and curved edges for a seamless look. Under the hood, the iPhone 15 is expected to be powered by the next-generation A17 Bionic chip, which promises blazing-fast performance and power efficiency. The camera system is also due for an upgrade, with rumors pointing to a periscope lens capable of increased optical zoom.

Other potential iPhone 15 features generating buzz include an always-on display, faster wired & wireless charging speeds, and the long-awaited switch to USB-C. And of course, the iPhone 15 Pro models are likely to boast exclusive upgrades like a higher-resolution 48MP camera.


An All-New Titanium Frame and Curved Design

– The iPhone 15 is expected to feature an all-new titanium frame design for enhanced durability. This would replace the stainless steel frame used on iPhone 14 Pro models.
– Titanium offers improved dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance compared to stainless steel, while still allowing for signal transparency for cellular reception.
– The more rounded edges and curved display glass will provide a smooth, seamless look and feel in hand. This contrasts the flat sides of recent iPhone models.
– The curved edges are also expected to create slight screen and camera bump reductions for a flush finish.
– Additional design changes rumored include elongated volume and power buttons, as well as a unibody chassis with integrated antenna lines.


Blistering Speed with the A17 Bionic Chip

– The A17 Bionic will likely utilize TSMC’s cutting-edge 3nm fabrication process for improved performance and power efficiency.
– Early estimates point to the A17 being upwards of 30% faster than the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro.
– Along with the 2 high-performance cores, the A17 is expected to have 8 efficiency cores for less intensive tasks.
– The 5-core GPU should also see gains, further boosting gaming capabilities.
– Machine learning performance will get a bump thanks to the 16-core neural engine and ML accelerators.
– Overall, the A17 Bionic will make the iPhone 15 one of the fastest smartphones ever.


Revolutionary Periscope Lens for Next-Level Zoom

– The iPhone 15 Pro models are rumored to get a periscope lens, allowing for increased optical zoom capabilities.
– This lens uses a prism to reflect light sideways into the camera sensor, enabling greater focal lengths and zoom magnification without increasing camera bump size.
– Expect up to 10x optical zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro vs. the 3x zoom on iPhone 14 Pro.
– With sensor-shift optical image stabilization, the periscope lens should offer stable, crisp shots even at high zoom levels.
– Software enhancements like improved Deep Fusion and Smart HDR algorithms will also optimize image quality.
– The increased zoom range will be great for landscapes, architecture, sports, wildlife, and other photography scenarios requiring close-up views from a distance.


Always-On Display for Constant Convenience

– The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to add an Always-On Display, enabled by a 1Hz refresh rate when idle.
– This allows quick glances at the time, widgets, notifications, and other info without waking the screen.
– OLED’s ability to selectively light pixels while remaining power efficient makes Always-On Display possible.
– Users should see minimal battery life impact thanks to the A17’s efficiency. Estimates indicate a 1-2% hourly drain at most.
– Important alerts and notifications can be set to prominently display when the screen is dark.
– Customizable widgets will provide info like calendar events, activity progress, alarms, and more.
– Always-On Display will bring added convenience and personalization to the iPhone 15 Pro.


Faster Charging with USB-C Connectivity

– The iPhone 15 is rumored to replace Lightning with USB-C charging, matching most other modern devices.
– This will enable much faster wired charging speeds – potentially up to 30W with a USB-C PD-compatible charger.
– USB-C has broader ecosystem support and accessory compatibility compared to Lightning.
– Adopting an open standard like USB-C allows customers to reuse existing chargers and cables.
– While Lightning connectors are limited to USB 2.0 speeds of 480Mbps, USB-C supports up to 40Gbps for data transfers.
– The switch to USB-C brings the iPhone up to speed with the latest charging technology.


Higher Megapixel Pro Camera System

– The iPhone 15 Pro camera system will bump sensor resolution up to 48MP, a significant jump from 12MP on prior models.
– Together with the Quad-Bayer pixel-binning approach, this enables more detailed 12MP images in base mode.
– A rumored 8K video recording capability would also benefit from the extra resolution.
– Apple will likely leverage pixel-binning and improved image processing to optimize low-light performance despite smaller pixel sizes.
– The ultra-wide camera may also see megapixel gains for more detailed landscape and architecture shots.
– Computational photography features like Smart HDR and Deep Fusion will further enhance image quality across all cameras.


Enhanced Durability Fit for the Future

– The titanium frame of the iPhone 15 provides better dent, scratch, and corrosion resistance compared to the stainless steel iPhone 14 Pro.
– Stronger display glass, potentially using sapphire crystal, will add durability and scratch protection to the front.
– Improved water and dust resistance will increase longevity and peace of mind for iPhone 15 owners.
– Longer battery lifespan can be expected thanks to the power-efficient A17 chip and OLED display tech.
– Software support for 5-6 years and readily available parts for repairs also promote longevity.
– With sustainability in mind, Apple is pushing iPhones to last longer before an upgrade or replacement is needed.
– Overall, the iPhone 15 looks to be the most durable and future-proof iPhone yet.


iphone 15
iphone 15

The 7 Biggest Changes Apple Has Planned for the iPhone 15

– All-new titanium frame with curved edges for a sleeker design
– A17 Bionic brings big speed and efficiency improvements
– Periscope lens enables revolutionary optical zoom capabilities
– Always-On Display allows quick info glances without waking the screen
– Faster charging speeds with the switch to USB-C connectivity
– 48MP Pro camera system and 8K video recording
– Enhanced durability with titanium, stronger glass, and water resistance


New Colors and Stylish Finishes

– The iPhone 15 line is expected to come in an updated range of colors.
– For the iPhone 15 Pro, a new dark red finish is rumored to provide an elegant, distinguished look.
– A brighter silver/light gold color reminiscent of the original iPhone could also return.
– Matte finishes rather than glossy coatings are likely, providing improved grip and hiding fingerprints.
– More playful colors like blue, purple, and even orange could be options for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus.
– With its stronger titanium frame, the iPhone 15 Pro may also offer a bold new black colorway.
– Unique colors help the iPhone 15 models stand out while matching personal styles.


ProMotion Display with Higher Refresh Rates

– The iPhone 14 Pro’s ProMotion display adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz will carry over to the iPhone 15 Pro.
– For the iPhone 15 Pro, rumors point to the 120Hz high refresh rate extending all the way down to a 1Hz ultra-low rate for Always-On Display.
– This allows silky smooth scrolling and animations when active, without sacrificing battery life when idle.
– Through intelligent timing of frame rates, ProMotion optimizes the viewing experience at all times.
– The standard iPhone 15 models are expected to remain at 60Hz peak refresh rates to maintain cost-effectiveness.
– For the optimal blend of fluidity and battery efficiency, ProMotion is a standout display technology.


Expanded Storage Options Up to 2TB

– Storage options are set to scale up to unprecedented levels on the iPhone 15 Pro models.
– The new maximum configuration is expected to offer a huge 2TB capacity.
– This caters to power users who capture extensive photos/videos and download plenty of apps & media.
– Lower storage tiers like 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB will appeal to more mainstream consumers.
– With its advanced ProRAW image format and ProRes video recording, the iPhone 15 Pro will allow users to make full use of ample local storage.
– For convenience and cost savings over cloud storage subscriptions, the 2TB iPhone 15 Pro looks incredibly enticing.


With game-changing upgrades on the horizon, the iPhone 15 is shaping up to be Apple’s most advanced smartphone yet. From its slick new titanium design and always-on display to massively boosted camera zoom and increased durability, the iPhone 15 looks primed to deliver significant improvements that users will appreciate in everyday use.

For those seeking the ultimate iPhone experience, the souped-up iPhone 15 Pro models in particular provide compelling reasons to upgrade with exclusive features like the 48MP camera, hyper-fast A17 chip, and huge 2TB storage option. When it launches later this year, the iPhone 15 range is sure to once again push the boundaries of what an iPhone can do.


iphone 15
iphone 15


Q: When is the iPhone 15 coming out?

A: The iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be announced in September 2023, with retail availability likely in late September or early October.

Q: How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

A: Pricing is not confirmed yet, but the iPhone 15 is rumored to start around $799, with Pro models potentially starting at $1099. Storage upgrades will increase the price.

Q: What new features will the iPhone-15 have?

A: Rumored updates include a titanium frame, A17 chip, 48MP Pro camera, periscope lens, Always-On display, faster charging with USB-C, and more.

Q: Should I wait for the iPhone 15 or buy the iPhone 14?

A: If you need a new iPhone now, the iPhone 14 is still a great choice with advanced features like the A16 chip and improved cameras. But if you can wait, the iPhone 15 looks to bring more significant changes.

Q: Will the iPhone-15 have a Touch ID sensor?

A: Rumors indicate Touch ID is unlikely to return, with Face ID remaining the biometric authentication option. The iPhone 15 is expected to retain the display notch.

Golden Quotes:

“The iPhone 15 is an opportunity for Apple to push the envelope and set the pace for smartphones.”


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