IIT Delhi Opens Online Course To Skill Learners In Project Management – 3 Things All You Need To Know

In an exciting new opportunity for learners and working professionals alike, IIT Delhi has launched an online course in project management in collaboration with edtech leader Emeritus. Spanning 6 months, this comprehensive certificate program aims to equip students with the high-demand project management skills and capabilities needed in today’s dynamic work environment. Created by distinguished IIT Delhi faculty and industry experts, the curriculum covers the latest frameworks, methodologies, and tools to excel in project planning, execution, and delivery across sectors.

Learners gain hands-on experience through real-world case studies, projects, and capstone assignments. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate of completion from IIT Delhi, validating their absorption of modern project management practices. With its blend of theory and practical application, delivered flexibly online, this program is poised to give your PM expertise and career prospects a valuable boost.

Duration and structure

  • 6-month online certificate program
  • Divided into 3 modules spanned over 12 weeks each
  • Module 1 – Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Module 2 – Project Planning & Execution
  • Module 3 – Emerging Trends & Technologies in PM
  • Live interactive classes by IIT Delhi faculty
  • 24×7 access to pre-recorded videos
  • Case studies, assignments, quizzes
  • 1-on-1 mentor support

Curriculum and features

  • Covers the latest PM methodologies like Agile, Scrum
  • Tools – MS Project, JIRA, Asana
  • Soft skills – communication, leadership
  • Technical modules – AI, cybersecurity, blockchain
  • Simulation-based learning via PM case studies
  • Capstone project to apply concepts to real-world scenarios
  • Learnings reviewed by subject matter experts
  • Participants get membership to IIT Delhi’s alumni network
  • Course completion certificate from IIT Delhi

Career impact

  • Equips with expertise to excel in PM roles
  • Develop core technical, managerial, and strategic skills
  • Specialized knowledge of emerging tech boosts employability
  • Certification validates credentials to employers
  • Expand the scope of responsibilities and leadership opportunities
  • Transition into senior PM and consultant roles
  • Salary hike from upgraded skillset
  • Advance your career while working or job-seeking
IIT Delhi -TechPointy.com
IIT Delhi -TechPointy.com

How to apply

  • Open for working professionals, graduates, entrepreneurs
  • A basic understanding of IT/software recommended
  • Strong English proficiency is needed
  • Enrollment through the course webpage on Emeritus
  • Application form asking for education, work experience details
  • Admission decision within 48 hours
  • The program fee is INR 1,60,000 + taxes
  • Scholarships available based on merit

Industry demand trends

  • There is a huge shortage of skilled project management talent in India
  • Increased focus on effective project delivery in IT, engineering, construction
  • Remote work expanding the need for PMs with tech-savvy skills
  • Demand is forecasted to grow 12% over the next decade per Project Management Institute
  • The median salary of certified PMs is now over INR 13LPA
  • IIT Delhi certification provides an edge given its premium brand

Expert faculty and industry practitioners

  • Headed by elite IIT Delhi professors like Dr. Pankaj Jalote
  • Learn from their extensive academic and research expertise
  • Industry experts provide real-world practitioner perspective
  • Sessions by crossover academia-industry professionals
  • Gain well-rounded theoretical and practical knowledge

Develops in-demand soft skills

  • Beyond technical PM skills, the program nourishes critical soft skills
  • Communication, emotional intelligence, leadership
  • Collaborating and influencing without authority
  • Driving change and overcoming resistance
  • Productivity, time management, prioritization
  • Decision-making under uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Mandatory for successful project outcomes

Blended learning approach

  • Combines live online classes, on-demand content, assignments
  • Interact directly with faculty in interactive lectures
  • Discuss concepts with fellow participants in forums
  • Review pre-recorded videos for conceptual clarity
  • Case studies to apply learnings in simulated scenarios
  • Quizzes and assessments track progress
  • An effective blend of learning methods for maximum retention

24/7 access and support

  • Learning platform available 24×7 for access from anywhere
  • Revisit concepts anytime with recorded video content
  • Progress tracking helps stay on track
  • Dedicated program management team for assistance
  • Technical support via chat, email
  • Alumni network for continued learning and mentoring
  • A flexible online model fits working schedules


IIT Delhi’s online project management certification offers a game-changing opportunity to build essential PM skills from one of India’s premier institutes. The comprehensive 6-month curriculum blends theoretical learning with practical application in real-world case studies. Participants gain exposure to the latest frameworks like Agile and emerging technologies reshaping project execution. Backed by IIT Delhi’s esteemed faculty and experts, the program is designed to equip you with the technical proficiency and strategic mindset to excel in project management across diverse industries.

Earning this recognized certification can accelerate your career growth and help you capitalize on the growing demand for skilled PM talent. For working professionals and graduates alike, this accessible online program is an invaluable investment in yourself.

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IIT Delhi


Q: Who can apply for the IIT Delhi PM course?

A: It is open to working professionals, graduates, and entrepreneurs with some IT/software experience.

Q: What is the course fee for IIT Delhi’s program?

A: The course fee is INR 1,60,000 + applicable taxes. Scholarships are available.

Q: What certification will you get after completing the course?

A: Learners receive a certificate of completion from IIT Delhi upon fulfilling all program requirements.

Q: How long is the online PM course from IIT Delhi?

A: It is a 6-month-long program with 3 modules of 12 weeks each.

Q: What is taught in the IIT Delhi project management course?

A: The curriculum covers PM frameworks like Agile, emerging technologies, soft skills, case studies, and capstone projects.

Q: Is the IIT Delhi program recognized by the industry?

A: Yes, the IIT brand has high regard. The certification validates your PM expertise.

Q: Can I do this course along with my job?

A: Yes, the online format is designed for working professionals to upskill alongside work.

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