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GPS theft ( for GPS theft prevention) has become a growing problem for farms across the country. Valuable GPS systems installed on tractors, combines, sprayers and other equipment are being stolen at an alarming rate. These systems can cost thousands of dollars to replace, not to mention the headaches and loss of productivity from not having GPS capabilities.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical for farm owners to take proactive measures to prevent GPS theft from occurring in the first place. Some effective tactics include investing in physical locks and barriers like heavy-duty brackets to secure GPS screens, enabling all available security features on GPS devices, and keeping equipment locked up in secured buildings when not in use. It’s also wise to install GPS tracking software that allows you to monitor your equipment’s location at all times. Properly training employees on cautionary protocols and best practices for GPS safety is also a must. Working collaboratively with local law enforcement to report any suspicious activity can further help deter potential thieves.

Taking even small preventative steps like these can go a long way in locking up your GPS and stopping thieves in their tracks. Don’t make it easy for criminals to profit off your hard-earned assets. With the right combination of deterrents, you can protect your farm from becoming the next victim of gps theft.


Invest in Physical Locks and Barriers

– Install tamper-proof bracket mounts to secure GPS screens against removal.
– Use high-strength locks, chains, and cables to restrict access to GPS components.
– Protect antennas with cages/enclosures to prevent tampering.
– Bolt down GPS antennas securely using theft-resistant screws.
– Apply tamper-evident seals to reveal any GPS removal attempts.
– Store detached GPS parts in locked boxes when not in use.
– Utilize steering wheel locks and brake locks to immobilize equipment.

Enable GPS Security Features

Password-protect GPS devices to prevent unauthorized access.
– Require PIN code entry to operate GPS after powering up.
– Activate GPS tracking to monitor location if stolen.
– Configure auto-disable if GPS detached or the vehicle moved.
– Use geo-fencing to disable GPS taken out of set boundaries.
– Schedule GPS to automatically shut down after work hours.
– Regularly update software to utilize the latest security patches.


Keep Equipment in Secured Buildings for GPS theft prevention

– Store tractors, combines, etc. with GPS in locked barns, and sheds.
– Restrict access to storage areas to essential staff only.
– Install security alarms activated by unauthorized entry.
– Use cameras to monitor buildings and record suspicious activity.
– Keep storage areas well-lit to deter thieves.
– Clear brush around buildings to eliminate hiding spots.
– Park equipment tightly together to restrict access.
– Immobilize stored machinery long-term.

Install Tracking Software

– Use GPS tracking software to monitor location in real-time.
– Select systems with online tracking portals.
– Enable SMS/email alerts for unauthorized movement.
– Covertly install backup GPS trackers on equipment.
– Integrate GPS tracking with security cameras.
– Regularly check history to identify abnormal activity.
– Associate each GPS with a specific vehicle in software.
– Implement geofencing to trigger alerts if taken off-site.


Properly Train Employees for GPS theft prevention

– Educate staff on GPS theft prevention and security.
– Train workers to securely lock down GPS after use.
– Instruct checking GPS is secured after operating equipment.
– Require immediate reporting of potential security issues.
– Document which workers operate what vehicles.
– Hold employees accountable for security procedure failures.
– Set expectations to routinely inspect for tampering.
– Reward proactive enhancement of anti-theft measures.


Work with Local Law Enforcement

– Ask police about recent GPS/farm equipment theft patterns.
– Provide equipment details to police for identification.
– Request periodic police drive-bys to deter theft.
– Get alerts from police on arrested suspects with stolen GPS.
– Fully cooperate with any GPS theft investigations.
– Allow installation of radio tracking gear to recover stolen items.
– Share security footage of potential suspects.
– Immediately report any GPS theft attempts.


gps theft prevention
gps theft prevention

Top 7 Simple But Effective Ways for GPS theft prevention

  1. Use tamper-proof bolts/tools to prevent easy GPS removal.
  2. Password protect and set PIN codes to secure from theft.
  3. Invest in physical locks to immobilize vehicles.
  4. Hide tracking devices on equipment, are not easily found.
  5. Store machinery in locked sheds/warehouses when not used.
  6. Train staff to verify GPS security after the operation.
  7. Etch identifiers on GPS parts to deter and help recover.



Farmers must be attentive and proactive in order to prevent the costly crime of GPS theft. By investing in physical barriers, leveraging security features, storing machinery safely, tracking your equipment, training staff, and collaborating with law enforcement, you can take powerful measures to lock up your valuable GPS technology and keep it securely on site for GPS theft prevention.

Don’t become another victim – take action now to protect your farm machinery assets using these proven tips. The smart implementation of GPS theft prevention strategies will provide peace of mind and savings over the long run.


gps theft prevention
GPS theft prevention


Q: How can I prevent GPS theft from my farm equipment?

A: Effective ways to prevent GPS theft include using tamper-proof hardware, password protection, geo-fencing, storing machinery in locked buildings, and installing hidden tracking devices.

Q: What physical barriers can deter GPS theft?

A: Heavy-duty bracket mounts, protective cages, chains/cables, bolt-down plates, and steering wheel/brake locks help secure GPS devices from theft.

Q: Should I install GPS tracking software for GPS theft prevention?

A: Yes, GPS tracking lets you monitor your equipment location in real-time, receive alerts if items are moved, and aid recovery of stolen units.

Q: How should I train farm employees for gps theft prevention?

A: Educate staff on security procedures, accountability measures, routine inspections, properly locking down GPS, and immediately reporting issues.

Q: Will local police help deter GPS theft from my farm?

A: Yes, you can work with law enforcement to exchange theft trend insights, request drive-bys, share suspect footage, and report theft attempts.

Golden Quotes

“An ounce of GPS theft prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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