The Top 11 Most Exciting AI Careers

The field of artificial intelligence is exploding, opening up a wide range of exciting new career opportunities. In 2023, AI careers are some of the hottest and most in-demand jobs. Whether you’re looking to get started in AI or are an experienced professional, there are many intriguing AI careers worth exploring.

From machine learning engineers to data scientists, AI researchers to robotics engineers, major advancements in AI technology have created new roles that leverage AI’s capabilities. These jobs offer the chance to work at the cutting edge of innovation and shape the future landscape of tech. They require specialized skills but also provide ample room for growth, high salaries, and the satisfaction of working on groundbreaking projects.

This year presents a prime opportunity to pivot into an AI-focused career. The continued progress of AI ensures that skills in this field will be highly valued for years to come. An AI career path offers stability, growth potential, and the excitement of working with revolutionary technology that is transforming industries. With the right background and passion for AI, the possibilities are wide open.


Machine Learning Engineer

– Design, build, and maintain machine learning systems and AI models using languages like Python and frameworks like TensorFlow.
– Work on natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, and other AI applications.
– Requires skills in math, statistics, data science, and software engineering. AI careers in this role average $120k-$150k salaries.
– Day-to-day may include preprocessing data, training models, improving model accuracy, deploying models into production, and monitoring performance.
– Can work in tech, finance, healthcare, retail, and more. Lots of opportunities for those interested in AI careers as machine learning engineers.


Data Scientist

– Leverage data to drive business solutions and identify opportunities through analysis of patterns and trends.
– Use programming, modeling, statistics, AI/machine learning, and analytics tools to mine and interpret complex data.
– An AI career as a data scientist has an average salary of $117k. Skills in R, Python, SQL are key.
– May work on computer vision, NLP, predictive modeling, recommendation systems, and other AI applications.
– Great AI career choice for those passionate about finding actionable insights from large, complex data.


AI Researcher

– Conduct studies and experiments to advance AI capabilities and innovation.
– May focus on machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, robotics, or other AI subfields.
– Requires a Ph.D. and expertise in CS, data science, math, statistics, and software engineering.
– Career provides the opportunity to publish groundbreaking papers and work on leading-edge AI innovations.
– An AI career in research can lead to becoming a professor or working at companies like Google Brain, Meta AI, DeepMind, and Allen Institute.

AI Software Developer

– Build the software infrastructure, frameworks, APIs, and tools needed to power AI systems.
– Integrate AI/ML models into applications through languages like Python and Java.
– Must have a strong software engineering background with AI/ML knowledge.
– $120k+ salaries. Can work at tech companies or on AI applications across industries.
– Day-to-day may include deploying production-ready ML systems, writing algorithms, improving software architecture, and collaborating with ML engineers.

Robotics Engineer

– Design, develop, and program robotic systems powered by AI and automation.
– Leverage sensor technology, computer vision, machine learning, mechanical engineering, and more.
– Work on drones, autonomous vehicles, healthcare robots, and other emerging technologies.
– Requires skills in programming, AI/ML, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. $100k+ salaries.
– AI careers in robotics involve researching innovative applications, assembling prototypes, and testing robotic systems. Exciting opportunity to work on groundbreaking technologies.


Natural Language Processing Expert

– Focus on enabling AI systems like chatbots to understand, interpret, and generate human language.
– Work on speech recognition, language translation, text analysis, and text generation.
– Requires skills in Python, linguistics, and deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow.
– NLP is a fast-growing subfield of AI with many intriguing careers working on products like Alexa and Google Assistant. $130k+ salaries.
– Day-to-day work may include annotating data, building NLP models, improving model accuracy, and deploying models into production.


Computer Vision Engineer

– Develop AI systems capable of gaining a high-level understanding from visual inputs like images and video.
– Work on facial recognition, image classification, object detection, motion tracking, and more.
– Requires skills in deep learning, neural networks, and coding languages like Python. $120k+ salaries.
– Careers involve designing and iterating on computer vision models and implementing models into real-world applications across sectors.
– Computer vision is being applied in autonomous vehicles, security, healthcare, augmented reality, and much more.


AI Ethicist

– Ensure AI systems are developed responsibly by assessing ethical risks and considerations.
– Identify potential sources of algorithmic bias and harm early in the design process.
– Backgrounds in philosophy, ethics, public policy, and social sciences are applicable.
– Emerging career at the intersection of technology and ethics. Involves conducting research, developing ethical frameworks and guidelines, auditing AI systems, and promoting education on AI ethics.
– Crucial role as AI becomes more ubiquitous across society. Ensures AI aligns with moral values.


AI careers
AI careers

The Top 11 Most Exciting AI Careers

  1. Machine Learning Engineer: Build, train, and deploy ML models. High demand and salaries up to $170k.
  2. Data Scientist: Leverage data and analytics to derive insights. $120k+ salaries.
  3. AI Researcher: Advance state-of-the-art AI capabilities through studies and experiments.
  4. AI Software Developer: Build the software infrastructure to power AI systems. $130k+ salaries.
  5. Robotics Engineer: Design and program innovative robotic systems integrated with AI.
  6. Computer Vision Engineer: Develop AI systems that can visually perceive and understand. $130k+ salaries.
  7. NLP Expert: Enable AI to understand and generate natural language. High growth subfield.
  8. AI Ethicist: Ensure ethical development and use of AI technology. Crucial emerging role.
  9. AI Product Manager: Lead strategy and execution of AI products. $150k+ salaries.
  10. AI Solutions Architect: Design robust end-to-end AI solutions and systems. $140k+ salaries.
  11. AI Business Development: Identify opportunities to apply AI for business impact.


AI Product Manager

– Drive the strategy, roadmap, and lifecycle of AI products by leading cross-functional teams.
– Requires both AI/ML technical knowledge and product management skills. $150k+ salaries.
– Day-to-day may include gathering product requirements, prioritizing features, coordinating development, and overseeing launches.
– Career path provides the opportunity to translate AI innovation into real-world solutions and interact with customers, executives, sales, and marketing teams.


AI Solutions Architect

– Design the overall architecture of AI systems and guide technical implementation.
– Must have hands-on expertise across the AI model development lifecycle and software solution design.
– Responsible for choosing the right frameworks, infrastructure, tools, and workflows to build scalable and robust AI applications.
– Career provides the chance to architect end-to-end AI solutions spanning data management, ML pipeline, model development, and deployment.
– Involves collaborating with engineering teams and stakeholders across organizations to ensure successful AI product design and adoption. $140k+ salaries.



The proliferation of AI technology is generating exciting new career opportunities across industries. For those interested in being on the frontlines of innovation, AI careers offer the chance to work on groundbreaking technologies shaping the future.

There is high demand for specialized AI skills and roles like machine learning engineers, computer vision experts, robotics engineers, data scientists, and more. These jobs provide ample room for professional growth, competitive salaries, and the satisfaction of solving impactful problems with AI for AI careers.

By developing relevant skills and experience, there is tremendous potential to thrive in the AI field, even for those new to the industry. The rise of AI guarantees that prioritizing an AI-focused career path today will pay dividends for years to come through continuous opportunities for AI careers.

AI careers
AI careers


Q: What are the best entry-level AI careers?

A: Some of the top entry-level AI careers are machine learning engineer, AI software developer, data analyst, business intelligence developer, and AI sales representative. These roles allow you to gain core AI skills.

Q: What degree do you need for a career in AI?

A: Most AI careers require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, data science, math, or a related STEM field. Master’s degrees provide additional specialization. Exceptional candidates may enter without a technical degree.

Q: How much do AI careers pay?

A: Salaries for AI careers typically start around $100k and can exceed $200k with experience, with some of the highest paying roles including machine learning engineer, AI researcher, and AI architect for AI careers.

Q: What skills are required for an AI career?

A: Key skills include programming in Python, SQL, Java, and AI frameworks like TensorFlow; math and statistical knowledge; machine learning techniques; and soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Q: How can I switch my career to AI?

A: Upskilling through AI certifications, online courses, bootcamps; pursuing a master’s degree; taking on AI projects; and networking is great ways to pivot your career to AI.


Golden Quotes:

“AI is the new electricity.” – Andrew Ng


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